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      So you’ve got an idea for a new software project, and you need to find somebody to build it for you. But what’s the best way to find the right person for your job?

      Technically, hiring freelance developers has never been easier, but don’t lull yourself into a false sense of security. Well, there are plenty of freelancers to choose from; many are good, but many are not. The bigger the marketplace, the bigger the risk. With more candidates to choose from, checking references and screening individual candidates may be a problem, especially if you post an ad on a major freelance platform and get hundreds of applications.

      So what is the fastest and safest way to hire freelance developers? Here is the answer to the question- “ ”.

      Quazma is an innovative IT outsourcing platform with a twist. Quazma takes the jobs that businesses need done and assigns pre-screened freelancers, resulting in the perfect fit.

      How is Quazma Different ?

      • On Quazma you don’t have to go through 100 proposals and then choose. We do that for you. We have extremely rigorous technical selection process that every developer has to go through.

      • On Quazma once the job is posted it remains in system along with all the communication with assigned developer.

      • On Quazma there is zero possibility of developer running away with your money. Funds come to GPH which is then transferred to developers as salary. So even if developer leaves your job, you can still be assured the hours in your account are still valid and usable.

      There are more advantages of hiring freelance programmer on Quazma-

      • There is Daily communication with developers through project management dashboard.

      • It is Cost Effective – Package as low as $4.99 per hour

      • Back up developer is available immediately on short notice to handle your job unlike other sites

      • Coding Standards is enforced on Quazma

      • There is quality assurance on Quazma

      So try our service and hire freelance programmer. We guarantee you that we will provide you a perfect fit for your job. Our trial package comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the purchase of trial package, we will gladly refund your money.

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      What Open Source Clients say…

      Sachi is a great developer! Great communication, excellent work and very adherent to my guidance and demands. A 5-star developer without a doubt!

      Jonathan Oron 1 Jonathan Oron

      Superb experience! I had an amazing time working with Quazma. the team was able to provide everything that I needed without hesitation or delay.  communication skills were amazing and the team was available all of the time within reason. Would definitely hire the team again, and again. 

      Andy Leung 2 Andy Leung
      Priyanka demonstrated the skills and abilities I am looking for. Good experience, great English and excellent problem solving and delivery on requirements with minimal additional input. I am hiring her for a full-time position.
      Greg Viger 3 Greg Viger