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      What is New Kajabi?

      New Kajabi is an online content management system (CMS) like WordPress, but more specific to member portal creation for information and education materials. It is a powerful marketing tool with sales funnels, squeeze pages, and automated marketing content creation. The platform was built to help experts focus on content creation, and not the technical aspects of building landing pages and membership sites.
      New Kajabi is a hosted platform for marketing, selling and delivering information products online. It provides a platform to Kajabi developers for hosting content, like videos, audios and text documents, which are delivered using some proven templates, such as the video squeeze page and sales page for marketing the content, and a membership community area for delivering the actual product.

      Why use New Kajabi?

      • There is an ability in Kajabi to time the release of email opt-in boxes on squeeze pages, so it allows people to start watching their prelaunch videos and at certain key times in the presentation, once they are hooked, people can request the opt-in.

      • Similarly to the opt-in feature, we can delay revealing the “buy now” button on sales videos, which forces people to watch the sales video (or a portion of it) and learn about the product before they can buy.

      • Kajabi allows to drip feed the release of content in a membership site based on a time delay, so we can give members access weekly or monthly or whatever duration they choose. If they haven’t been a member for long enough they won’t have access to certain parts of the product.

      • Kajabi contains some pretty cool community management tools, allowing members to signify whether comments left to content are just comments, or questions or answers to questions. This can then be filtered so you can easily see what questions are waiting for you to respond to.

      • The function to not allow people to download video files until after a certain period of time is interesting in Kajabi.

      • Kajabi gives you a beautiful website to show off your products and become the foundation of your entire online business.

      Why Hire New Kajabi Developers on ?

      • Provide Scalable and Flexible solutions using New kajabi

      • Develop Fully Mobile-Responsive Website

      • Provide Coding Guidelines and Standards

      • Well aware and experience on design patterns

      • Provide Good support for your requirements and queries

      • Provide error-free implementation of requirements

      • Deliver better readability and understanding of the source code

      Some of New Kajabi development services provided by Quazma Kajabi Programmers are:

      • Product Themes

      • Video Hosting

      • Customize theme

      • Create Member List and dashboard

      • Landing Page

      • Create Custom Forms

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      What Open Source Clients say…

      Sachi is a great developer! Great communication, excellent work and very adherent to my guidance and demands. A 5-star developer without a doubt!

      Jonathan Oron 1 Jonathan Oron

      Superb experience! I had an amazing time working with Quazma. the team was able to provide everything that I needed without hesitation or delay.  communication skills were amazing and the team was available all of the time within reason. Would definitely hire the team again, and again. 

      Andy Leung 2 Andy Leung
      Priyanka demonstrated the skills and abilities I am looking for. Good experience, great English and excellent problem solving and delivery on requirements with minimal additional input. I am hiring her for a full-time position.
      Greg Viger 3 Greg Viger