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      What is Moodle?

      One of the best Learning Management Systems, Moodle is an open source – PHP based virtual learning environment. It is uniquely designed for e-learning businesses to give educators the power to easily build compelling e-learning sites. Being an open source, Moodle is a community driven development approach. It can be configured around your current course management practices. With over a 100,000 installations all over the world, Moodle has quickly became one of the most widely used LMS.

      Why Hire Moodle Developers on ?

      At , our Moodle developers offer Moodle customization, hosting and support for your corporate course management system. Moodle developers working with us are active participants in the Moodle community, learning and sharing latest developments. Every business within the e-learning platform has a unique requirement and we carry out a detailed analysis of it in order to understand the specifics involved. We customize Moodle for the entire curriculum as well as individual courses. By developing plug-ins for specific new functionality, we help you effectively integrate the Moodle LMS around existing legacy systems. We have worked closely with the e-learning requirements of various educationists both independent and those related to learning institutions.

      Developing Mobile Applications for Moodle

      At GPH, we have integrated Moodle with Mobile Platform at numerous occasions. Viewing content from Moodle on Android Tablets or IPad is a common use case which most of our customers require. We have developed API’s in Moodle and framework to support offline – online sync between tablets and Moodle to provide better learning experience.

      Using Moodle for MOOC

      MOOC Stands for Massive Open Online Course. Feature set that Moodle supports and the ability to customize the source further to extend its feature make Moodle an ideal framework to implement MOOC for your organization. Moodle Developers available at are highly skilled and expert in tweaking Moodle to perform on the set of expectations corporate have for their MOOC requirements.

      We Have Moodle Programmers Who Expertise In the Following Domains of Moodle Development:

      • Moodle Customization

      • Moodle Installation

      • Design & Development of Moodle Templates

      • Moodle Theme Design & Development

      • Module Development

      • Moodle Application Development

      • Moodle Plug-in Development

      • Moodle Course Design, both individual and holistic

      • Moodle SEO

      • Support for multiple languages

      • Integration with payment gateway

      • Moodle e-learning portal development

      • Moodle Website Maintenance & Support

      • Moodle Consulting Services

      Add number of features to Moodle in the form of plugins into an e-learning platform:

      • Forms

      • Resource types

      • Quizzes

      • Spreadsheets

      • Blogs

      • Wiki data

      • Glossaries

      • Surveys

      • Discussion forums

      • Polls

      • Enrollment and racking

      • Database activity

      • Chat

      • Peer assessment

      • Content filters

      Why small businesses need help with Moodle prefer Moodle programmers over other freelancing sites?

      • No need to go through 100s of bids like on other freelancing sites.

      • Just post the project and do the rest.

      • Dedicated pre-screened developer to work on the project.

      • Daily communication with developers through project management dashboard

      • Cost Effective – Package as low as $4.99 per hour

      • Back up developer available immediately on short notice unlike other sites.

      • Quality assurance

      • Source code authorization

      • Coding Standards enforced

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      What Open Source Clients say…

      Sachi is a great developer! Great communication, excellent work and very adherent to my guidance and demands. A 5-star developer without a doubt!

      Jonathan Oron 1 Jonathan Oron

      Superb experience! I had an amazing time working with Quazma. the team was able to provide everything that I needed without hesitation or delay.  communication skills were amazing and the team was available all of the time within reason. Would definitely hire the team again, and again. 

      Andy Leung 2 Andy Leung
      Priyanka demonstrated the skills and abilities I am looking for. Good experience, great English and excellent problem solving and delivery on requirements with minimal additional input. I am hiring her for a full-time position.
      Greg Viger 3 Greg Viger