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      How Do I Know if My Site Has Been Hacked?

      Red Alert On Browser

      Browsers can often be the first to alert website owners that their site has been compromised.  If malware has been detected the nefarious red screen is a telltale sign that your website needs some deep cleaning.

      Site Disappears

      If your site is disappeared, with a lovely white screen in its place it may have been hacked.  Or perhaps your web designer is in the process of modifying the site and it’s not completed yet. Definitely, check with your designer if the site disappears and always double check to make sure your domain name hasn’t expired.

      Loading Slow or Crashes

      If hackers are using your site as a way to send spam emails it may slow down the entire server and the other sites hosted on it.  Slow load time is often an indication of this type of hacking.


      Some hackers will re-direct the site to another site. Most often a not so family friendly site. If this is the case they may have placed a redirect code in your files.

      Spam Emails

      Internet providers use spam lists to help blacklist domains that are sending out 1,000’s of emails and those emails marked as SPAM by recipients. If your website is being used to send out emails by a hacker your domain may be blacklisted resulting in the emails you send to be marked as SPAM.

      Weird Code

      The hacker may not have been successful in their job, leaving code unfinished. This results in a bunch of what looks like gibberish to the non-web guru, often displayed at the top or bottom of the site.

      malware 4

      How to Repair a Hacked WordPress Site?

      It usually takes more than simply restoring your site from backups because that doesn’t identify how your website security was breached in the first place. Hackers can gain access to your site in many ways, from using automated tools to find your password to exploiting vulnerabilities of the server the site is hosted or the plugins that are being used on your site.

      Fixing a hacked website is bad enough. Fixing it over and over steals precious time and money!

      To do it right requires the following steps:

      • Regain control of your site.
      • Secure it from further intrusion.
      • Delete unwanted content.
      • Restore the proper content.
      • Monitor the site to prevent further abuse.

      Second, you must determine how the site was hacked, then look for any sneaky “back doors” that have been set up for future use. (We see this frequently) Automated tools are rarely effective because the hackers usually operate in a stealthy environment.

      Third, delete the unwanted content, both visible and not. This can be very time-consuming for certain hacks.

      Restore your site with correct information. Sometimes you can restore your site from a backup, but many times the breach goes back farther than your most recent backup. Restoring even simple sites can take hours of work. Scan your computer(s) for virus’. Sometimes the hacker uses your computer to mess you up.

      Finally, you should consider having your site professionally monitored and updated, as needed.

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